Southbrook is committed to “helping people connect and grow with God”
and one of the ways we achieve this is to invest in helping people find the ways that
God has wired them to serve. We want you to walk away after an internship with a deeper
level of spiritual maturity, a greater knowledge of how God has wired you to serve and lead, and an
understanding of effective ministry through teamwork and relying on the Holy Spirit to empower you.

Application Process: 

1. Choose your preferred ministry area and fill out application online
2. A ministry leader will contact you to have an initial conversation where the following will happen:
a. Get to know you personally – hear your story
b. Listen to your spiritual journey so far
c. Ask some probing questions to determine specific internship role description
3. Submit 2 references and undergo a background check (if over 18)
4. Final meeting to confirm role description, determine length of internship and start date
5. Sign role description, confidentiality agreement, and sexuality statement